About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to Revue des jeux. This is an online system focused on bringing all the chess sweethearts from around the world together. We will likely give the chess darlings a phase to convey their vitality and have a phase to share their knowledge.

Customers can disseminate their own posts and offer their understanding into chess. You can connect with us through our contact page and illuminate us in regards to how long you have been playing chess to start.

We also endeavor to converse with chess specialists time to time and they give us the best tip there is to improve your chess playing limits so you should purchase in to our notices in order to never miss one such post.

About me

Paien Douffet is a blogger and web fan who needs to play chess and all exceptional kind of old table games. He is a blogger who elucidates a wide scope of things.

He did his masters from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and at present abides in 40, route de Lyon 13800 ISTRES. He got into electronic advancing unexpectedly after he expected to place in two or three months on bed in view of an accident.

Before transforming into a full-time blogger inadvertently, he was looking for after a livelihood in mechanical structure and expected to go into robotix field and assessment about man-made consciousness.